Your new Tech career in full-stack development will give you:

  • The freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Excellent Payroll: You will be able to make 80K/yr on average and more at the start of your career
  • Creative flexibility to work for small startups and huge Tech companies
  • An opportunity to make an impact by working on world-changing projects
  • Rapid career growth from entry-level specialist to senior
  • A stable job that you can continue to do even when you get older

Stackoverflow Developer Survey found that 56% of developers in the US do not have a college degree in computer science or related fields.

Still, hesitating if you can make it without any relevant education? Join our webinar to find out the way to break into Tech without any coding background!

During our LIVE webinar you will learn:

  • What does a full-stack developer do

  • Top reasons why programming is the best choice career to have a stable income and work remotely

  • How to earn 80K/yr as a coding novice

  • What is a ‘’Jedi Path’’ - and why does every developer must go through it in order to reach their potential

  • Career perspectives for newbies in coding

  • How to choose the most profitable and easy programming language to learn

  • Why you don’t need a degree in coding to start your programming career

  • Is coding hard to learn

  • How to start earning while learning

You will leave the webinar with:

  • A clear understanding of what it takes to become in high-demand professional

  • A direction on how to move forward and whether this career in Tech is the right fit for you

  • A step-by-step guide on how you can kickstart your programming career

Video Main directions of work in IT

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About the Speaker

speaker photo

Summer Wille

Hey there! My name is Summer Wille and I am a Head of Communications here at GoIT - Coding Academy.

Few facts about me that may surprise you:

  • I am a Former U.S. Air Force Pilot and the mom of two
  • I am having a bachelor’s degree in communicology from the university of Hawaii
  • I am not only working at GoIT but also taking our full-stack dev course right now

I am really looking forward to sharing everything I’ve learned with you in our free webinar, and answering any questions you may have about the Tech industry or our programs! Hope to meet you soon!


You may still have hesitations and asking yourself: Is this career in Tech a right fit for me? Where and how should I start my study and land my first job? When will I even see the return on my investment? And if I do actually decide to pursue a career in Tech, how will I pay the bills while trying to learn a new skill?

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